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I am Samarth, or Sam.
Take a peek into my life.


A little about me

I am a Bachelor's student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying Computer Engineering. Currently, I am in Switzerland for an exchange semester at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

I like to spend my free time reading interesting blogs, playing Tennis or Football, and listening to music. Occasionally, I work on some projects or pretend to take cool photographs.

I hail from Delhi, India!

My programming languages


Some frameworks and libraries that frequently come in handy for me

Tensorflow on Python
Mongo DB

Conceptual skills that I have gained

Data Structures
Linux Kernel
Signal Processing
Virtual Reality
Computer Vision

Languages that I can speak

English (Native proficiency)
German (Basic proficiency)
French (Basic proficiency)

My work experience so far

March 2018 - Present

Research under Dr. Olgica Milenkovic

Bio-classification research assistant (ECE @ UIUC)

The bacteria present in the guts of human beings could potentially convey a lot of information about an individual, such as his or her diet, age and gender. The primary purpose of the research is to find patterns between the DNA sequences from the guts and such information.

The project is ongoing. I am collecting data from different sources, cleaning and processing it, and preparing it for a Neural Net. Then, I am trying different optimizations for the net.

Sept 2016 - May 2017

Research under Dr. Suma Bhatt

NLP Research Assistant (ECE @ UIUC)

The project was based around building a system that could infer the meaning and the references behind a given piece of text related to medicine. Using context by applying NLP ideas, the goal was to translate the technical medical vocabulary to something easily understandable.

My role was to collect medical data from different sources, such as NIA and Medicinenet, and then clean and process it. This data was later used to train the model.


What I have worked on independently

Data Visualization of the Federer-Nadal rivalry

As a tennis fan, I sought to understand the numbers behind one of the greatest tennis rivalries. I collected the data and cleaned it, and then used it to draw interesting charts and graphs, using Python and Matplotlib.

Python, Matplotlib, Pandas, Data Visualization

Traffic Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles

In this simulation, an autonomous car that is being controlled by a Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm must weave its way through traffic at the greatest speed possible upto 80 mph. I optimized the hyperparameters to increase the speed of the vehicle from roughly 50 mph to 71 mph. This code is for the Deep Traffic competition hosted by MIT.

Reinforcement Learning, Neural Net, Javascript

Linux-Inspired Simplistic Kernel

In my Computer Systems Engineering course, I built a simple kernel inspired by Linux on x86, in a team. We incorporated different features of the Linux kernel, such as the File System, RTC, Paging, and the Process-switching code. Additionally, we wrote the drivers for the keyboard and the file system.

Linux, C, x86, OS Dev


Made in the summer before the POTUS elections of 2016, this project was about data visualization of the public sentiment of the political candidates. Using the Twitter Rest API, my team and I created interactive graphs by collecting sentiment values with the help of the HPE Haven OnDemand API.

This project won my team the Twitter prize at Angelhack Delhi, 2016.

Python, Flask, Twitter API, HPE Haven OnDemand API


Drop a hello.

I am actively seeking internships to further my knowledge. My primary fields of interest are Data Engineering, Machine Learning and Neural Nets, but I also have skills in Software Development.

My current research work experience at UIUC involves Python and an interesting setup of a Neural Net on Tensorflow to obtain patterns in human microbiome data to make conclusions.

You could also contact me for any freelance opportunity!

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Avenue du Silo 5
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