I am currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, near Chicago.

I like to spend my free time reading interesting blogs, playing Tennis or Football, and listening to music. Occasionally, I work on some projects.

I hail from Delhi, India

Here are some projects I have worked on ...


Using Unity Game Engine and C# to create Sweep, the popular Indian card game, and then creating the corresponding Artificial Intelligence functionality for it


Working on a recruiting platform that simplifies and automates some of the application process, using IBM Watson Speech-to-text

Resume Collecting Bot

Wrote a script to scrape a huge number of resumes from the net to create a dataset to eventually apply Neural Net algorithms on

Beautify UI

Making a non-mobile-friendly responsive by post-processing on the website's HTML to rearrange tags, increase font size, etc.

Scotland Yard Online Game

Recreating the popular board game for online, but instead using Google Maps API to provide maps for the game


Created a site that allows you to experience real-time and historical data of how well your political candidates are being received by the public, using sentiment analysis algorithms

I like to pretend that I can take decent photos every now and then ...

... or paint

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